Announcement: Technical Problems

A technical problem occurred in wind turbine number 18 at the beginning of June in 2023. Since then, the area around has been cordoned off, while technical personnel from the operator Nordex have assessed the damage and worked on repairs.

As part of the repair process, the gearbox has been removed from the wind turbine. This, along with other special circumstances surrounding the damage and repair work, has led to an unusual risk that the rotor falling could fall off the turbine. On January 27, the rotor became loose and fell off the turbine. Risk analyses had shown that this could happen, the area had been cordoned off and there was no danger to health or safety. This was an isolated incident and no other turbines are affected and will continue to operate normally.

Øyfjellet Wind will conduct a root cause analysis of both the damage in June and the rotor coming loose, in dialogue with the operator, Nordex.

Nordex gives furter details: "During a component exchange in June 2023 the works were postponed for safety reasons due to high wind. During this postponement the rotor moved out of position. Following an evaluation by Nordex Group experts it was decided that a special tool would need to be developed to bring the rotor back to position as this was the only feasible solution from a technical and safety perspective. The rotor unfortunately fell to the ground due to high wind before the special tooling could be installed. 

The turbine was installed in September 2022. The wind farm consists of 72 N149/5.X wind turbines totalling 400 megawatt (MW). 

As soon as the proper disposal of debris and operating materials has been completed, and a full survey of the remaining tower has been undertaken, a replacement rotor can be installed. 

This was an isolated incident and there is no risk to any other of the turbines on the Øyfjellet windfarm or in the wider fleet." 

We expect the tubine to be back in normal operation during the autumn of 2024.

Update 30 January 2024:

The wings are broken, and as soon as the weather permits it, we will cover the various components and start the clearance work.

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Announcement: Road temporarily closed

During a standard gearbox exchange on turbine 18 a technical issue occurred with the rotor. The engineering and support team are currently working on a solution to repair the rotor. The work involves temporarily blocking the road to secure the area around the wind turbine. Øyfjellet Wind will return with more information when the road can be opened again.