Eolus Vind has submitted the MTA-plan for Øyfjellet wind farm in Vefsn municipality.

Eolus has in the beginning of week 19 submitted the MTA-plan (Environmental, transport and construction plan) for Øyfjellet wind farm to NVE (The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate). The plan comprises the wind farm and all support constructions such as roads, quarries, location of surplus material, rig sites and design of other technical works. The plan consists of a main report, which addresses everything within the concession area, and two sub reports which comprises access road and grid connection.

The MTA is conducted in consultation with involved authorities and stakeholders (municipality, outdoor life associations, land owners and the local reindeer group). During the work, Eolus has decided not to place any wind turbines in the Øyfjellet area around Stortuva since such a solution would have resulted in larger consequences than the concession application described. The change of the concession area is applied for to meet input regarding nature, environment and reindeer husbandry. As shown in the map in the MTA, a number of small extensions/adjustments of the concession area is applied for. The extension is due to the move of all wind turbines from Øyfjellet, consideration of reindeer moving path and the wish for a gentle crossing of a steep section. The extension is assessed not to entail any changed impacts on the wind farm. The number of wind turbines in the western parts of the concession area has however not increased since concession was applied for, thanks to the technology development which has resulted in increased capacity per wind turbine.

The MTA has been written before final choice of turbine and a maximum scenario of turbine layout is therefore presented. The final turbine choice will either be as described or somewhat reduced regarding one or more factors such as number of turbines, dimensions etc. Only the installed capacity per turbine might be increased, but then within the constraints which has been given in the MTA. The MTA describes a turbine layout with 75 turbines with 5.3 MW, 120 m hub height and160 m rotor diameter comprising 400 MW.

The first chapters of the MTA show a summarized view of the developer’s compliance with the conditions stated in the concession, other regulations and an overall description of the entire project. Further are details given for the construction of the concession area whereas details for access road and grid connection is given in the already mentioned sub MTA-reports.

Contact information if questions regarding the project and the MTA:

Ørjan Thorstensen Rosvold, Construction Site Manager, +47 468 46 717

Mattias Törnkvist, Project Manager, +46 70 237 88 28

Picture 1 – Photomontage: MTA-layout seen from Stortuva towards north.
Bilde 2 Fotomontasje: MTA-layout sett nordover fra Aksla.
Picture 3 – Layout and overview map. Green areas shows adjustments of the concession area.