Life in Øyfjellet

New bike chargers ready for use

Two new charging points for bikes are now in place!

The road up to the wind farm is open for walking and bicycle trips, and we hope the bike chargers will make it easier for the public to enjoy the area. Below, you can see images showing where the bike chargers are located.

Have a good trip!

14 May 2024: Visit by Mosjøen lower secondary school

Today, Øyfjellet Wind welcomed 150 9th-grade students from Mosjøen lower secondary school. The theme of the day was electricity and sustainability. The students were well-prepared and asked questions about everything from the cost of building a wind farm and how many jobs it creates, to what the power is used for and how its production compares to hydropower. There were many good questions, and we did our best to answer them!

Thank you very much for the visit!

Winter in the mountains

During the winter, Øyfjellet can boast of great ski slopes. Below you can see photos and videos of the ski slopes from April 2024.

Video from the Øyfjellet ski slopes 29 April 2024.
Cross-country skier and former Olympic champion in team sprint, Victoria Carl, during a visit to the Øyfjellet ski slopes.