Local value creation

Øyfjellet Wind Park began as a local initiative. All the energy the wind park produces for the next 15 years will go to the cornerstone industry, Alcoa. In this way, the wind park will help safeguard local jobs and create new opportunities in meeting the challenges of climate change. This is something we’re very proud of.

The considerable climate benefits and the opportunities that wind power creates for industry mean a great deal to us. As a forward-looking business focussing on the environment, it is also important for us to use local services and business partners in the Municipality of Vefsn and more broadly in Nordland. We will thus contribute to strengthening business development in the municipality and the region, and to creating many other positive local ripple effects.

The local community shall experience the wind park to be a positive force, in addition to its creating crucial green energy for industry.

Every year, we expect to contribute over NOK 80 million to the local community in the form of property tax, income tax, land rental payments, local contracts, sponsorship funds and more.

The local organisation will consist of around 16 full-time employees.

Helgeland Kraft owns the main grid and is responsible for connecting the power transmission line to Marka substation by means of a 132 kV main breaker inside Marka substation. The construction contribution covers all expenses involved, therefore ensuring that the development of Øyfjellet Wind Park will not lead to increased grid rental costs for consumers in the area.