Øyfjellet Wind Park

Øyfjellet Wind Park will be Norway’s largest wind power installation, supplying Norwegian industry with renewable energy. The park will thus become a long-term contributor to employment, growth and development, benefitting the whole region for years to come.

The wind park began as a local initiative, not least on account of the large-scale, important energy consumers located nearby. Here, local landowners and industry have joined together to harness natural resources on behalf of industrial development and social welfare.

When the wind park is completed, all the energy it produces over the next 15 years will go to the cornerstone industry, Alcoa. This will help safeguard jobs and create growth and new opportunities in meeting climate change. That’s something we’re proud of.

In Norway, we have been extremely good at making prudent, long-term use of our natural resources for industrial development and social welfare.

Our vision is to be a green value creator, working hand-in-hand with the local community. For us, this means making use of communal resources in considerate interaction with nature and the entire local community.

The whole value chain from construction to operation will make use of local services and business partners. In this way, we will also become an important part of local business life, giving extra value back to the local community as well as the value provided by the actual electricity.

At Øyfjellet, we want to make increase mountain access to people who do not currently have the opportunity to enjoy the area covered by the park. We want more people to make use of the natural environment at the same time as we are helping to deal with the climate crisis.

Project Øyfjellet – a thoroughly researched project with local roots

The wind park began as a local project around 2011, and is firmly rooted in the local community.

Øyfjellet Wind Park has been through a thorough licencing process, providing both individuals and organisations with the opportunity to provide comments and suggestions. The project has been adapted and improved on an ongoing basis in keeping with local community feedback.  

The licence for the project was granted in 2016, and subsequently updated in 2018.

Construction began in December 2019 and completion is expected towards the end of 2021. The wind park is licenced for up to 400MW and a 15-year power purchase agreement (PPA) has been agreed with the Alcoa aluminium works in Mosjøen, which will thus be provided with locally generated electricity.  

Coexistence with reindeer herding interests

The licensing decision from NVE includes a thorough assessment in relation to reindeer herding interests. It concludes that it is possible to facilitate beneficial coexistence. It is of great importance that reindeer owners have access to their winter grazing areas and we will work hard to find good solutions in collaboration with the reindeer herding industry. 

Better access to the mountain

The wind park will open up access to the mountains for a whole new group of users who have not previously had the opportunity to make use of Øyfjellet and the surrounding areas. We have received lots of suggestions from both individuals and organisations as to how the wind park can provide new possibilities for local people.

When the installation is completed towards the end of 2021, the available infrastructure will make Øyfjellet and its neighbouring areas readily accessible for hiking, recreation, cycling, uphill racing, fishing trips, skiing and other activities.

During the operational phase, the whole area covered by the Øyfjellet Wind Park will be open to everyone throughout the year. The entire massif will offer free access to non-motorised traffic and the benefits of active use of the area are unquestionable.