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Our organisation and business partners

The project company is called Øyfjellet Wind AS, and is led by Erik Mortensen and Joakim Johnsen.

Øyfjellet Wind AS is owned by a long-term investment fund managed by Aquila Capital. The company’s aim in Norway is to promote growth, green industry and green employment through long-term investment in renewable energy. The investors are largely European investors and pension funds with an environmental profile. They manage funds from public employees and other groups that want a long-term, sustainable profile for their investments.

Øyfjellet Wind AS and Aquila Capital have long experience from the Midtfjellet Wind Park in the Municipality of Fitjar on the island of Stord. Everyone involved at Midtfjellet has shown great interest in the local community and the park has been an important contributor to many projects benefitting the population of Fitjar and the surrounding region.

Midtfjellet Wind Park received the prize “Samfunnsbyggeren” in 2022 from the Norwegian Wind Energy Association Norwea. 

Read more at: www.midtfjellet.no

Our business partners:

Eolus Vind Norge has developed the project and will be responsible for the construction of the wind park.

Veidekke is the main contractor for the construction work in the park. This includes the construction of roads, crane pads, turbine foundations, station building and service buildings.

Linka is responsible for the design and installation of the 132 kV transmission line from the wind park to Marka substation at Mosjøen, where energy from the park enters the national grid. The transmission line will be about 10km long and a combination of overhead lines and cables.

Helgeland Kraft owns the main grid and is responsible for connecting the power transmission line to Marka substation by means of a 132 kV main breaker inside Marka substation. The construction contribution covers all expenses involved, therefore ensuring that the development of Øyfjellet Wind Park will not lead to increased grid rental costs for consumers in the area.

Nordex Energy GmbH is responsible for the delivery and installation – as well as service and maintenance – of the wind turbines, and is set to become a long-term member of the local business community.

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