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Start-up today at Tveråveien!

The project has received a start-up permit on several stretches on Tveråveien. Forest clearing starts today. The work on the road will entail some restrictions

The mast on Øyfjellet removed

Last week MTUH removed one of the four wind measuring masts which has been measuring the wind in the concession area of Øyfjellet wind farm.

New colleague in Mosjøen

Eolus are happy to announce that Kjell Arne Bekkevold will join the company and the Øyfjellet project team in Mosjøen. Kjell Arne Bekkevold is 52

Geotechnical inspection

Last week we have, with the help from Norconsult, carried out a geotechnical inspection in the area of where the new power poles will be

Information meeting in Mosjøen 21/1

Mosjøen Kjemiske Arbeiderforening and LO in Mosjøen with surroundings invites to an information meeting regarding wind power. Speakers:Mattias Törnkvist og Ørjan Torstensen Rosvold, Eolus VindTorstein

Statnett confirms increased capacity

NVE (The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate) has previously announced increased concession for wind farm Øyfjellet from 330 MW to 400 MW. Now Statnett

New coworker and office in Mosjøen

Last week, Eolus Vind initiated the new office space in Fearnley gate 7-9 in Mosjøen. Project manager for Øyfjellet , Mattias Törnkvist, was in place